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Purpose Chaser: The Story of Ambee Stephens


In a rapidly evolving landscape, where the lens of potential success often falls on the agility and vision of the leader steering the ship, we find Ambee Stephens, a woman embodying resilience, purpose, and forward-thinking leadership at the helm of a mission-driven journey. This “Purpose Chaser” is not just racing towards goals but is engaged in a relentless pursuit of meaning and influence, carving out paths that are far more enriching than chasing paper.

A Visionary Adapting with the Times

Being a purpose-driven visionary doesn’t just involve foreseeing the future but also evolving with it. Ambee’s discernible edge in the realm of nonprofit leadership is her propensity to embrace and learn from new experiences and data. It is this willingness to learn and adapt that marks her as a leader who is not just in tune with current trends but one who envisages and facilitates futuristic adaptations in the nonprofit sector.

“With an unyielding belief in the potency of adaptability and innovation, I am keen on fostering a landscape where ideas are not just born but are nurtured to create lasting impacts,” shares Ambee, emphasizing her approach to resilient and agile leadership.

Building Bridges with Strategic Partnerships

Under her stewardship, her endeavor, EmpowHERment, has fostered robust relationships with notable community partners, including FrankCrum Staffing, TD Bank, Raymond James, and many more; a testimony to her ability to forge partnerships that are mutually empowering.

This intricate network of collaborations serves as a platform, continually enriching the ecosystem with value-driven narratives and offering resources that amplify the impact of the mission at its core.

Navigating Through Adversity with Agility

Leading with resilience entails recognizing adversities not as roadblocks but as opportunities for growth. For Ambee, adversity and agility are two sides of the same coin, embodying the true essence of sustainable leadership. It is about fostering a culture that is agile, one that pivots swiftly adapting to changing conditions, leveraging challenges as stepping stones towards creating a lasting impact.

“I champion a leadership style that is as transparent as it is collaborative, where we not only navigate through adversities but use them as a ladder to elevate ourselves to greater heights,” expresses Ambee, illuminating her strategy to lead through turbulent times.

An Array of Recognitions and a Spirit Untamed

A nominee for the TBBJ 2020 Business Woman of the Year and a recipient of the 2023 Women Award from the Palm Harbor Library, Ambee’s accolades are not just awards but testimonials to her undying spirit and determination. Each recognition echoes a narrative of a woman who chose to chase purpose with a relentless spirit.

Recounting her leadership journey, Ambee shares a poignant moment of reflection triggered by a question from a mentor, “If you could do it all over again, would you still have jumped and bet on YOU?” Without hesitation, her answer resounds a powerful affirmation, “a thousand times, yes.”

Purpose Above All: The Road Ahead

As EmpowHERment strides forward, the roadmap is clear; to collaborate with larger corporations that echo its vision and amplify its reach. The target is not just business growth, but a harmonious collaboration that could foster a community grounded in empowerment and innovation.

For Ambee Stephens, the journey is far from over. It is a continuous pursuit of purpose, an undying passion to foster a community where each individual is not just empowered but is a powerhouse of potential, resonating with the ethos of chasing purpose over paper.

“Each step in this journey is a pledge to not just chase dreams but to chase purpose, to create narratives where each individual rises not just with empowerment but with a vision that is far-reaching and enriching,” shares Ambee, as she envisions a future of boundless possibilities.

To dive deeper into the incredible journey of Ambee Stephens and to get inspired, visit EmpowHERment’s website and learn about the rich legacy and the vibrant future that is being crafted with purpose, vision, and untamed spirit. 

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