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Brittany Boxie, Thought Leader in Property Management and Ecosystem Development

Brittany Boxie is a beacon of property development expertise, a leader in ecosystem development, and a Tampa-native who is setting the bar high for generations to come. Her remarkable journey and impressive achievements in the real estate sector are a testament to her dedication, vision, and ability to transform communities. Property Development Expertise Brittany Boxie’s […]

Socially Funded: Florida’s Market Leader In Auction Fundraising Innovation

In the dynamic world of fundraising, innovation is key. Socially Funded, under the leadership of CEO Zach Abel, has emerged as a transformative force in Florida’s fundraising market. Through a unique turnkey approach, Socially Funded has redefined the landscape, enabling nonprofits across various sectors to significantly enhance their event ambience and fundraising totals. This enterprise stands out […]

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Presents: 2024 VISIONARIES OF THE YEAR

FACING BLOOD CANCER ISN’T A SOLO MISSION. More people than ever need the resources and research that The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) funds every day. On our way to making blood cancer a thing of the past, we focus on three key pillars: offering free patient education and support, pushing for change through policy and advocacy, […]

2024 NGT360 Pregame Hosted at Embarc Collective | Feb. 26 | 5:30-7:30pm

During Tampa Bay Innovation Week, finalists from the current NGT360 cohort will be showcasing their innovations at Embarc Collective on Monday, February 26, 2024. Each year, student innovators collaborate with community leaders for the “pregame” leading up to Synapse Summit at Amalie Arena. Robyn Mussler, Founder of NGT360’s entrepreneur education ecosystem, encourages any and all […]

Kitchenery: The Future of Quantum Appliances

Wireless technology has become integral to our daily lives, making it more convenient and efficient. Bluetooth, in particular, has made significant strides in connecting various devices seamlessly. Emerging tech companies are in a battle with legacy hardware giants for the market lead of cordless appliances. Wireless power transfer technology can revolutionize appliances, offering a range […]

Stu Smith: Championing Veteran Empowerment Across the State

In an era where social impact and philanthropy are more vital than ever, Stu Smith stands out as a beacon of hope and change for veterans. As the CEO of a prominent 501c3 organization, Smith’s visionary leadership has profoundly impacted veterans’ lives at a state level. This article delves into his journey, highlighting how his dedication and strategic approach have revolutionized veteran support initiatives.

Andrew Wright: A Catalyst for Change in Tampa Bay’s Landscape

Explore the transformative impact of Andrew Wright in Tampa Bay through our in-depth article. Discover how his philanthropic efforts, real estate ventures, and community engagement have reshaped the region, fostering economic growth and societal betterment.

Emerging Skill Sets

Emerging Skill Sets

In a digital and remote world, there are several emerging skill sets that are becoming increasingly mission-critical for organizations. Let’s explore some!

Transition to Talent Density

Transition to Talent Density

By hiring cross-functional employees, companies can reduce the number of employees they need to hire to perform specific tasks, and instead rely on a smaller number of employees who can perform multiple functions.