Defying Adversity: Drew Barnett’s Journey to Transforming the Videography Landscape


Passion Turned Business

Drew Barnett is a champion of Tampa Bay, having overcome adversity and disrupted the status quo in the world of videography. Drew’s journey began in the field of sales, but he always had a passion for videography and would document anything he found interesting. It wasn’t until others recognized the value of the videos he was making for fun that Drew decided to take things more seriously and turn his passion into a business.

drew barnett

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Philanthropy

However, starting a business from scratch and without any prior business knowledge or a network was not easy, and Drew faced numerous challenges and hurdles along the way. He credits his success to the mentors who helped him grow and the philanthropic approach he took, volunteering for projects with organizations like FAVOB, LLS, and Empowerment in order to provide services and bring awareness to important causes.

Disrupting the Status Quo with Lean Videography

In addition to overcoming adversity, Drew is also disrupting the status quo with his lean approach to videography. He understands the needs of his clients and is able to adapt to their budgets and requirements without turning down projects based on their budget. This allows Drew to work on an iteration basis, receiving continuous feedback and delivering the best value to his clients in a shorter time frame compared to larger organizations.

Purpose-Driven Content Creation

Drew is purpose-driven and dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get the exposure they deserve through the content he creates. He has worked with organizations like the Boss Gala, creating video teasers to help accelerate their success, and has also collaborated with artists to help them gain exposure.

Looking to the Future: Adaptability and Empowerment

Looking to the future, Drew is focused on adaptability and wants to be the household name for content for entrepreneurs and organizations. He hopes to build a strong and empowered team and take his model to a larger scale, working with larger organizations and eventually mentoring young aspiring students by creating a free and accessible educational program. Drew is dedicated to continuing his growth and success in the field of videography and helping others do the same.

Make Better Business Decisions

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