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Florida’s 1st Agile Venture Fund & Start-Up Incubator: Phoenix Portfolio Partners


Redefining Speed-to-Market: Introducing Florida's First Agile Venture Fund & Startup Incubator, Phoenix Portfolio Partners

Florida is welcoming an innovative and disruptive player in the world of venture capital and startup incubation: Phoenix Portfolio Partners (PPP). Bringing together a powerful team of serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, global Agilists, executive creatives, media moguls, military veterans, and renowned philanthropists, this unique enterprise aims to revolutionize the way startups are funded and nurtured.

phoenix portfolio partners

A Bold Vision by Tampa-Native Founder Ben Sever

The brainchild of Tampa-native, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist Ben Sever, Phoenix Portfolio Partners is on a mission to redefine speed-to-market. With an initial fundraising target of $500,000 for micro-investing, PPP aims to have a presence in every timeless, disruptive sector.

The Unique Agile Approach of Phoenix Portfolio Partners

As an Agile Venture Fund & Startup Incubator, PPP’s diverse portfolio spans HealthTech, Mobile CRM, Digital Branding, SME Media, Artistic Empowerment, Altruistic Apparel, New Venture Consulting, and Career Coaching. The managing partners and national advisors comprise a strategic mix of serial entrepreneurs, award-winning operators, venture capitalists, global Agilists, Fortune 500 executives, Ivy League scholars, and philanthropic innovators.

This exceptional team has a proven track record of success, mentorship, and corporate social responsibility across startups and publicly traded corporations. Their commitment to timeless, disruptive innovation and incubating purpose-driven ventures sets them apart in the industry.

Exciting Partnerships and Collaborations

Phoenix Portfolio Partners’ launch at the Synapse event in Orlando showcases their commitment to forging strategic partnerships. Collaborating with Synapse FL and Tampa Bay Wave, PPP is building a strong network to support its vision.

Additionally, founder Ben Sever’s membership in the Forbes Business Council and features in Forbes further reinforce the company’s credibility and ambitions

Commitment to Catalyzing Growth in the Tampa Bay Area

Over the next 18 months, Phoenix Portfolio Partners plans to invest in 10 companies in the Tampa Bay Area, sparking growth from top to bottom. This innovative approach, dubbed “Startup by Timeline, Enterprise by Design,” demonstrates their commitment to nurturing startups in the region.

In Conclusion

Phoenix Portfolio Partners is poised to make waves in Florida’s startup ecosystem. With its agile approach, strong partnerships, and an extraordinary team, this first-of-its-kind Agile Venture Fund & Startup Incubator is set to redefine the landscape for both investors and entrepreneurs.

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