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Maria Cherjovsky: Pioneering Veteran Support Through Nonprofit Excellence


In the realm of nonprofit leadership, Maria Cherjovsky stands out as a distinguished figure, with multiple accolades and awards to her name. Her thought leadership has culminated throughout a career of providing opportunities in upward mobility, self-sufficiency and award-winning programming for professionals, underserved populations and veterans. As the CEO of Camaraderie Foundation, her innovative approach and compassionate leadership have significantly advanced the foundation’s mission to provide crucial services and resources to veterans, active service members and their families. This article sheds light on her impressive career trajectory and the impactful initiatives she has championed.


Ascending to Nonprofit Leadership

In 2023, Maria took the helm of the Camaraderie Foundation, bringing her extensive experience and a profound passion for aiding those in need. Her tenure as CEO marked a new era of growth and expanded outreach for the foundation, positively affecting the lives of countless veterans.

A Rich Tapestry of Experience

With over 25 years dedicated to workflow development, nonprofit management, and social services, Maria’s career has been diverse and impactful. Her previous roles include Vice President of Mission Services at Goodwill, Vice President of Operations for the Coalition for the Homeless, and President of the Florida Diversity Council. These positions, among others, including her long-term tenure as an executive at UCF, have earned her recognition and accolades in academia and nonprofit sectors.

Revolutionizing Workflow for Enhanced Veteran Support

At Camaraderie Foundation, Maria’s implementation of innovative workflow strategies has been transformative. By optimizing processes and fostering dynamic partnerships, she has significantly improved the foundation’s capacity to serve veterans with greater effectiveness and reach. The lifecycle of success is threefold; providing mental health services, engaging the community and increasing awareness around the challenges of veteran transition. The most striking long-term impact is to contribute to the movement of servant-leaders whose passion is to see a decline in veteran suicide rates, while maintaining the family unit. “It is a privilege to spearhead the Camaraderie Foundation for the mission of saving lives and saving family by healing the invisible wounds of war,” Maria says. 

Empowering Veterans Through Holistic Support

Maria’s initiatives at the foundation have been multifaceted, focusing on holistic support for veterans and their families. The foundation’s efforts to heal the invisible wounds of service through counseling and emotional support cater to all military branches, embodying a comprehensive approach to veteran care.

Cultivating Camaraderie Among Veterans

Understanding the critical role of camaraderie in veterans’ lives, Maria has been instrumental in building a supportive community for them. Her initiatives include:

  • Organizing social events and networking activities for veterans.
  • Establishing a network of mental health providers along with support groups that can address veteran mental health challenges nationally.
  • Collaborating with various nonprofit, for profit and government organizations that come together as a cohesive, diversified set of stakeholders in support of veterans. 

A Beacon of Hope and Leadership

Maria Cherjovsky’s mission as CEO of the Camaraderie Foundation is to be a pillar in veteran enablement through mental health empowerment. As a visionary in nonprofit leadership, Maria’s contributions not only enhance the lives of veterans but also serve as an inspiration, encouraging others to engage actively in the noble cause of supporting those who have served our nation.

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