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Maria Matarelli: Tampa Bay’s Trailblazer of Empowerment & Success


Maria Matarelli, a prominent figure in the Tampa Bay area, shares her journey of overcoming adversity, disrupting the status quo, and her purpose-driven approach to life and business. In this article, we will explore her experiences, successes, and future aspirations through her own words and insights.

Overcoming Adversity: Maria's Journey to Success

From the beginning of her career, Maria has demonstrated an unyielding determination to succeed. Reflecting on her early days, she says, “I started at 15 to pay my way through college… I would sit in a cubicle and I thought, ‘Is this it?’ So I looked around and had a hypothesis: If I develop my speaking skills, I could go above and beyond my day job.”

Maria Matarelli seized every opportunity to grow and learn, developing her speaking skills and becoming an expert in Agile methodologies. Her early adoption of Agile and willingness to innovate allowed her to become a thought leader in her field. “Taking the step forward before the curve, before the general adoption, allowed me to walk into global agile conferences and be the expert in the room, even though everybody is twice my age,” she shares.

Disrupting the Status Quo: Bold Steps and New Ventures

Maria is known for taking bold steps and disrupting the status quo. With an eye for emerging trends and technologies, she has been able to capitalize on opportunities that others might not see. One such example is her involvement with StarStake, an NFT project that supports local artists and utilizes Web3 strategies to build their networks.

Maria explains her passion for the project, “As we prepare to launch, we wanted to involve the community – Tampa Bay. We brought artists out to perform at StarStake Unearthed and worked with Tampa Bay veterans to apply personal agility to help them as they transition.”

Purpose-Driven: Inspiring Individuals and Organizations

Maria’s purpose is to inspire individuals and organizations to push back against limiting beliefs and discover new possibilities. “The reason I’m so passionate about this is that when I pushed out of my limiting beliefs, I discovered possibilities to break through the status quo and create and grow,” she explains.

Maria’s impact is felt on a global scale, as she has helped countless people and organizations grow and thrive. “The most rewarding thing I can think of doing is helping other people achieve their passions, helping other people reach their goals, and inspiring other people,” she says.

The Future: Scalability, Impact, and Personal Passions

Looking to the future, Maria aims to create scalable systems and products to help even more people on a global scale. “My goal is to create a scalable system to retire in the next five years, not certain where,” she shares.

On a more personal level, Maria is focusing on her passion for music. “I’m an internal DJ and I’ve recently been working on an album. Music connects people and impacts people, and I want to continue making music that inspires people.”

Conclusion: A Champion for Change and Empowerment

Maria Matarelli’s journey showcases the power of perseverance, innovation, and purpose-driven action. As a champion for change in the Tampa Bay area, her story serves as an inspiration to business owners, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts alike. By embracing new opportunities, pushing past limiting beliefs, and empowering others, Maria continues to make a significant impact on the world around her, proving that anyone can be a Champion of the Bay.

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