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Pete Blum: Championing Tampa Bay Veterans and Disrupting the Status Quo


A Passion for Helping Veterans

Pete Blum is a champion of the Tampa Bay area, dedicated to helping veterans overcome adversity and achieve success. With a background in the military and a career in tech, Pete has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by those transitioning out of the military and into civilian life.

Joining Forces with Project Transition USA

It was this understanding that drew Pete to Project Transition USA, a non-profit organization that helps veterans transition to civilian life. When Phoenix Portfolio Partner founder Ben Sever reached out to Pete and asked him to join the team, Pete eagerly accepted the opportunity to use his skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of others.

Disrupting the Status Quo in Veteran Support

As an operations role at PPP, Pete has been able to use his passion for helping people to make a real impact in the veteran community. He has worked to bring together different groups and organizations in the veteran ecosystem, creating a one-stop shop for resources and support. This has disrupted the status quo, providing a much-needed resource for veterans as they navigate the challenges of transitioning to civilian life.

A Dedication to Empowerment and Support

Pete’s dedication to helping others extends beyond his work with PPP. He is a certified Mental Health Life Coach and a Maxwell Leader, using these skills to support individuals as they work to overcome adversity and reach their full potential. He is also actively involved in the Tampa Bay community, partnering with other organizations that share his vision of empowering and supporting those in need.

Envisioning a Bright Future for PPP

Looking to the future, Pete has big plans for PPP. He hopes to see the organization nationally and internationally recognized, with a strong customer base. He is also working on the launch of POMP (Peace Of Mind Platforms), a framework that will provide support and resources for individuals and organizations. In addition, Pete is working on the launch of the Phoenix Empowerment Fund (PEF), a channel for PPP partners to donate and support the organization’s mission

Expanding Goals and Sharing Insights

In addition to these projects, Pete has his sights set on even bigger goals. He hopes to be globally recognized as a COO and to speak and participate in panels at the Global Agility Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. He even has plans to write a book, sharing his experiences and insights with a wider audience

A True Champion for Tampa Bay and Beyond

Overall, Pete Blum is a true champion of the Tampa Bay area, dedicated to helping others overcome adversity and reach their full potential. With a focus on disrupting the status quo and being purpose-driven, he is making a real difference in the lives of those around him and setting an example for others to follow.

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