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Reimagining Mobility, Shaping Futures: Evan Raketic’s Exoskeleton Revolution


A Pioneer with a Purpose: Reinventing Mobility for the Future

Evan J. Michael Raketic, the inventive force behind cutting-edge exoskeleton and prosthetic systems¬†Rake Technologies, has a definitive purpose: to revolutionize the medical device industry with his pioneering designs. With a unique combination of adaptability, creative problem-solving skills, and an indomitable spirit, Evan’s journey in the entrepreneurial world is motivated by his passion for enhancing lives.

In the current digital era, investors are paying more attention to the capabilities of the individual behind a venture, as opposed to simply focusing on the business proposition. Evan Raketic distinguishes himself from other founders and visionaries by his remarkable capacity to handcraft distinct prototypes without external involvement. This resilience and resourcefulness mark him as a highly investable asset in his industry.

Cultivating a Culture of Adaptability and Innovation

Evan’s agility and ability to address adversity head-on stand as testaments to his leadership qualities. By maintaining an open mind to external solutions, he has succeeded in adapting quickly to evolving circumstances. His approach to fostering a tailored and inclusive work environment and responsibilities enhances individual engagement, further bolstering his innovative endeavors.

Creating a Legacy of Technological Innovation and Impactful Partnerships

Evan’s ultimate goal is to leave a legacy through the creation of advanced medical device technologies, focusing on exoskeletons and prosthetics. He believes that these technologies should not be confined to a select few, but instead should be accessible and usable by all who need them. To achieve this, he is committed to the integration of complex technologies in simple, user-friendly ways.

Evan Raketic has already made a significant impact, with his project being named in the international top 25 by NASA I-Tech. Furthermore, his ability to attract investments from key individuals, including his current CFO, Richard Munassi, reflects the promising potential of his vision.

Envisioning the Future: The Intersection of Empathy and Technology

Evan’s mission extends beyond creating a successful business – he is driven by the desire to provide solutions to some of society’s most pressing issues. Recognizing the inherent challenges of his industry, Evan does not shy away from contemplating the future of his work, its broader impact, and its potential for transformative change. His approach encourages ongoing innovation and a commitment to making a difference in the world.

Nurturing Meaningful Partnerships for Sustainable Growth

organizations such as FL Health Innovators and SCORE Mentoring, and individuals like Kelli Murray and Dr. Richard Munassi. These partnerships not only amplify the reach of his work but also foster a network of innovation, shared knowledge, and growth.

Looking ahead, Evan aspires to collaborate with institutions such as the Veterans Medical Association, EMT personnel, and hospitals like Tampa General Hospital. By establishing these connections, Evan seeks to broaden the impact of his work, contributing to societal wellbeing on a larger scale.

Shaping the Future of Medical Technology

As Evan continues to grow his business and evolve his innovative technologies, he recognizes the importance of perseverance and a forward-thinking mindset. His dedication to developing the next generation of medical devices serves as an inspiring beacon of what is possible in his industry.

Evan’s vision for his work goes beyond achieving immediate success. It’s about leaving a lasting impact, revolutionizing medical technology, and improving lives. By driving innovation, fostering strategic partnerships, and maintaining a commitment to societal betterment, Evan is well on his way to making a significant difference in the world of medical technology.

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