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Reimagining Mobility, Shaping Futures: Evan Raketic’s Exoskeleton Revolution

Evan Raketic

Evan J. Michael Raketic, the inventive force behind cutting-edge exoskeleton and prosthetic systems Rake Technologies, has a definitive purpose: to revolutionize the medical device industry with his pioneering designs. With a unique combination of adaptability, creative problem-solving skills, and an indomitable spirit, Evan’s journey in the entrepreneurial world is motivated by his passion for enhancing lives.

Local Impact, Global Vision: Zach Abel’s Socially Funded Revolution

Zach Abel - Socially Funded

Zach Abel, the passionate force behind Socially Funded, has a clear mission: to transform the landscape of his industry by shifting its focus towards local communities. With an unwavering commitment to his end goal and an inherent drive to create change, Zach’s entrepreneurial journey is fueled by his dedication to making a lasting difference in the lives of those around him.