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Turning Chocolates Into Magic: Maria Paula Garces and the Art of Mushroom Infusion


At the intersection of healthy indulgence and mindful innovation, you’ll find Maria Paula Garces, the indomitable spirit behind Fungible Chocolates. Maria, a seasoned entrepreneur, is carving out a unique niche in the chocolate industry with her mushroom-infused delights. Driven by a deep-seated intuition, she’s created a sweet revolution that has caught the attention of both health enthusiasts and chocolate lovers alike.

In the age where investors’ focus has shifted from the business proposition to the individual behind it, Maria stands out with her unwavering positivity and adaptability. Her uncanny ability to find solutions that align with her values has made her a desirable investment opportunity.

“I have always trusted my inner force, my intuition. Some may call it a superpower, I call it my guiding compass. It leads me to where I need to be,” Maria shares with a radiant confidence.

An Agile Leader Building Meaningful Collaborations

In the face of adversity, Maria is a testament to the power of surrender. She navigates the tumultuous waters of entrepreneurship with a composed energy, acting decisively yet thoughtfully when presented with challenges. This approach, coupled with her ability to foster relationships with organizations like St.Pete Greenhouse, Synapse Summit, and The Body Shop, is central to the growth of Fungible Chocolates.

Recounting her business approach, Maria reveals, “I’m proactive yet adaptable. In the face of unpredictable factors, my focus is on taking a step, assessing, adjusting, and then taking the next step. I believe in a lean business approach that allows for agility.”

Chasing the Dream and Challenging the Norms

Maria’s accomplishments are nothing short of impressive. With revenue up by a whopping 250% YoY YTD, Fungible Chocolates is clearly making its mark. The company is currently raising funds and has already received two commitments, attesting to its potential.

When asked about competitors in such a saturated space, Maria replies, “Sure, I keep track of their moves, get inspired by their approaches, but my focus is on making Fungible Chocolates a pure extension of who I am.”

Crafting a Better, Healthier Chocolate

Fungible Chocolates is far from your average chocolate company. By infusing chocolate bars with functional mushrooms, Maria has created a healthy, flavorful, and distinctive product.

“Being Fungible is a mindset,” Maria insists, “It’s about approaching the world with an open heart and mind. Our chocolates are more than just a sweet treat, they’re a philosophy.”

Each chocolate bar is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, simplicity, and function. They’re all vegan, low glycemic, gluten-free, paleo, non-GMO, made with organic and fair-trade ingredients, and 85% dark chocolate. Maria is not just selling chocolates, she’s promoting a lifestyle.

Envisioning A Sweet Future

Looking ahead, Maria aspires to collaborate with health-conscious businesses like Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Earth Origins. With her unique mushroom-infused chocolates and her dedication to making a difference, Maria Paula Garces is paving the way for a delicious and healthful revolution.

In the end, it’s clear that Maria isn’t just making chocolates, she’s crafting a movement. A movement of delicious, healthy, mindful indulgence that we can all get behind. Now, who wouldn’t want a taste of that?

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